can i put a pillow in the dryer? Experts Weigh In

Can I Put a Pillow in the Dryer: A Comprehensive Guide

Putting pillows in the dryer can be a convenient way to freshen them up and remove any dust or allergens they may have accumulated. However, it is important to understand the potential risks and considerations before tossing your favorite pillows into the dryer. In this article, we will explore the topic of whether you can put a pillow in the dryer, taking into account various factors to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Pillow Care

Proper care and maintenance of pillows are essential for ensuring their longevity and comfort. While some pillows are designed to go through the drying process, others may not fare as well. It is crucial to identify the type and material of your pillow to determine whether it can withstand the heat and tumbling of a dryer.

Can You Put Any Pillow in the Dryer?

Not all pillows are created equal, and the answer to whether you can put a pillow in the dryer depends on its construction and materials. Let’s explore some common pillow types and whether they can be safely dried in a machine.

Down and Feather Pillows

Down and feather pillows are known for their luxurious softness and comfort. However, these pillows require extra care and attention when drying. While some down and feather pillows can withstand the dryer, it is best to consult the care label or manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding. Additionally, using a low heat setting and adding dryer balls can help fluff up the pillows while reducing drying time.

Synthetic Fiber Pillows

Synthetic fiber pillows, such as polyester or microfiber-filled ones, are generally safe to put in the dryer. These pillows are designed to withstand machine drying without losing their shape or comfort. However, it is still essential to check the care label for any specific instructions or precautions.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are known for their exceptional support and pressure-relieving properties. However, due to their dense and heat-sensitive nature, drying them in a traditional dryer is not recommended. Instead, it is advisable to let memory foam pillows air dry naturally, as exposure to high heat can cause the foam to deform or lose its supportive qualities.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows, made from natural or synthetic latex, can be dried in a machine under certain conditions. It is crucial to ensure that the latex pillow is not exposed to high heat, as it may cause the material to break down or become brittle. Using a low heat setting or opting for air drying is generally safer for preserving the integrity of latex pillows.

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FAQs about Can I Put a Pillow in the Dryer

Will putting my pillow in the dryer damage it?

The potential for damage depends on the type and material of the pillow. While some pillows are designed to withstand the drying process, others may shrink, clump, or lose their shape. It is important to refer to the care label or manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidelines.

Can I use high heat when drying my pillow?

It is generally recommended to avoid high heat when drying pillows. Excessive heat can cause damage to the materials, especially in pillows with natural fibers or sensitive foam. Using a low heat setting or opting for air drying is usually safer.

How can I fluff up my pillows while drying them?

To enhance the fluffiness of your pillows during drying, consider adding a few dryer balls or clean tennis balls to the load. These objects create movement and help prevent clumping, resulting in fluffier pillows.

Can bed bugs be killed in the dryer?

Yes, high heat can effectively kill bed bugs, including their eggs, in pillows and other textiles. If you suspect your pillows may be infested with bed bugs, drying them in the dryer on a high heat setting for at least 30 minutes can help eliminate these pests.

Are there any alternatives to putting pillows in the dryer?

If you prefer not to use a dryer or your pillow is not dryer-safe, there are alternative methods for freshening and cleaning your pillows. These include airing them out in sunlight, spot cleaning with mild detergents, or using upholstery or fabric sprays designed to eliminate odors.


In summary, the ability to put a pillow in the dryer largely depends on its type and material. While some pillows can withstand machine drying, others may require alternative methods for cleaning and maintenance. It is crucial to refer to the care label or manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper care and longevity of your pillows. By understanding the specific needs of your pillows, you can make an informed decision on whether to put them in the dryer or explore alternative cleaning methods.

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