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Why Your Dryer not spinning and How to Fix It: 9 Common Reasons and Solutions

Laundry day – a necessary chore that we’ve all faced. You gather your freshly washed clothes, toss them into the dryer, press the start button, and then… nothing. Your dryer won’t spin. The frustration mounts as you envision your laundry piling up. But fear not; we’re here to help you unravel the mystery of your malfunctioning dryer. In this article, we’ll delve into the common reasons why your dryer refuses to spin and provide practical solutions to get it back on track with an overview about the parts of a dryer.

Key Takeaway
If your dryer heats up but doesn’t spin, or it spins without producing heat, don’t fret! This article explores the most common reasons for these issues and provides solutions to get your dryer back in action. From simple fixes like checking for a tripped circuit breaker to tackling more complex problems like a defective motor, we’ve got you covered. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped to troubleshoot and repair your dryer, ensuring smooth laundry days ahead.

why is my dryer not spinning?

If your dryer is not spinning, it could be due to various factors. Common reasons for this issue include a broken or loose drive belt, a malfunctioning motor, damaged idler pulley, worn-out roller wheels or bearings, or issues with the door switch or control board. Additionally, problems like a blown thermal fuse or a blocked vent system due to lint buildup can also hinder the dryer’s operation.

To determine the exact cause and resolve the problem, it’s advisable to perform a systematic inspection or consult a professional technician who can diagnose and address the specific issue, ensuring the safe and efficient functioning of the appliance.

How is dryer not spinning but heating?

A dryer not spinning but still producing heat can be attributed to a malfunction in the drive system. The heating element and the drum rotation are two separate functions within a dryer, and they are not always dependent on each other.

What are the 9 Common Reasons for Dryer Not Spinning?

The 9 common reasons for a dryer not spinning are:

  1. Unplugged Dryer
  2. Circuit Breaker Issues
  3. Tripped Thermal Fuse
  4. Faulty Door Switch
  5. Broken Drive Belt
  6. Worn Drum Rollers
  7. Worn Roller Axles
  8. Worn Drum Bearing
  9. Defective Motor

Unplugged Dryer

A simple but often overlooked reason for your dryer not spinning is that it might be unplugged. Before diving into more complex troubleshooting, check the power source. Follow these steps to ensure your dryer is plugged in and ready to go:

  • Check the Outlet: Make sure the power outlet is functioning correctly. You can do this by plugging in another appliance to see if it works.
  • Plug It Back In: If the outlet is functioning, plug your dryer back in and ensure it’s properly connected.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Sometimes, the problem lies with the circuit breakers. If your dryer has tripped a circuit, it won’t function, check dryer breaker keeps tripping post.. Here’s what you can do to address this issue:

  • Locate the Breaker Panel: Find your home’s breaker panel and open it.
  • Identify the Dryer Circuit: Look for the circuit breaker dedicated to your dryer. It may be labeled “Dryer” or similar.
  • Reset the Circuit: If the circuit is tripped, reset it by switching it off and then on.

Tripped Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is a safety device that prevents your dryer from overheating. If it’s tripped, your dryer may not spin. Here’s what you can do:

  • Locate the Thermal Fuse: It’s typically found on the exhaust duct inside the back cover panel. Consult your dryer’s manual for precise location.
  • Reset or Replace: Depending on your dryer’s model, you can either reset the thermal fuse or replace it if it’s faulty.

Faulty Door Switch

The door switch plays a crucial role in ensuring your dryer operates when the door is closed. If it’s malfunctioning, your dryer may not spin. Here’s how to address it:

  • Inspect the Door Switch: Check if the door switch is properly engaging when the door is closed.
  • Replacement: If the door switch is faulty, consider replacing it. You can usually find replacement parts for your specific dryer model.
Dryer not spinning

what are the Mechanical Issues for Dryer Not Spinning?

Broken Drive Belt

The drive belt is what powers the drum’s rotation. If it’s broken, your dryer won’t spin. To address this issue:

  • Access the Drive Belt: Open your dryer’s cabinet and locate the drive belt. If it’s broken or loose, it needs replacement.
  • Replace the Drive Belt: Purchase a new drive belt suitable for your dryer model and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Worn Drum Rollers

Drum rollers support the drum’s rotation. Over time, they can wear out. To check and replace worn drum rollers:

  • Access the Drum Rollers: Open your dryer’s cabinet and locate the drum rollers. If they show signs of wear, it’s time for replacement.
  • Replace Drum Rollers: Purchase replacement drum rollers designed for your dryer model and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Worn Roller Axles

Roller axles keep the drum rollers in place. If they wear out, the rollers won’t function correctly. Here’s what you can do:

  • Inspect the Roller Axles: Check the roller axles for wear and tear. If they are damaged, they need replacement.
  • Replace Roller Axles: Acquire replacement roller axles suitable for your dryer model and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation.

Worn Drum Bearing

The drum bearing is essential for the drum’s smooth rotation. If it’s worn out, it can hinder your dryer’s performance. To address this:

  • Examine the Drum Bearing: Inspect the drum bearing for wear or damage. If it’s worn, consider replacing it.
  • Replace the Drum Bearing: Find a replacement drum bearing suitable for your dryer model and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

What are the Electrical Issues for Dryer Not Spinning?

Defective Motor

The motor powers the drum’s rotation. If it’s malfunctioning, your dryer won’t spin. Here’s how to identify motor issues:

  • Motor Testing: Follow your dryer’s manual for instructions on testing the motor’s functionality.
  • Motor Replacement: If the motor is indeed defective, you’ll need to replace it. Acquire a suitable replacement motor and install it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How dryer spins but no heat?

When your dryer is spinning but not producing heat, it can be caused by various factors related to the heating element or the airflow. This can be similar to the electric dryer not heating problem, Here are some common reasons for this issue:

  1. Heating Element: The heating element in the dryer is responsible for generating heat. If it’s damaged, burned out, or has a broken coil, it won’t produce heat. You may need to replace the heating element if this is the case.
  2. Thermal Fuse: Dryers have a thermal fuse that is a safety device designed to prevent overheating. If it blows, the dryer won’t heat. This can happen due to high temperatures or clogs in the vent system. Check and replace the thermal fuse if necessary.
  3. Igniter or Gas Valve (Gas Dryer): Gas dryers have an igniter and gas valve that can malfunction, preventing the appliance from producing heat. If you have a gas dryer and it’s not heating, have these components checked by a professional.
  4. Thermostat Issues: Dryers have multiple thermostats to control the temperature. If any of these thermostats fail, it can lead to a lack of heat. You may need to test and replace the faulty thermostat.
  5. Blocked Vent or Duct: Insufficient airflow due to a blocked vent or duct can cause the dryer to overheat, activating safety mechanisms that shut off the heat. Read can you use duct tape on a dryer vent post and regularly clean the vent system and duct to ensure proper airflow.
  6. Faulty Control Board: Problems with the control board or timer can also disrupt the heating process. If all other components are in working order, you may need to investigate the control board.
  7. Wiring or Electrical Issues: Check for loose or damaged wiring that might be affecting the electrical connection to the heating element or other heating components.
  8. Gas Supply (Gas Dryer): In the case of a gas dryer, make sure the gas supply is turned on and that there are no issues with the gas line.
Dryer not spinning

FAQ Dryer Not Spinning

Why does my dryer heat up but not spin?

When your dryer heats up but doesn’t spin, it’s typically due to a mechanical issue. The most common culprit is a broken drive belt. The drive belt is responsible for turning the drum, and if it’s broken or loose, the drum won’t spin. To fix this issue, you’ll need to open the dryer’s cabinet, locate the drive belt, and replace it with a suitable replacement belt for your dryer model.

What can cause a dryer not to spin?

Several factors can cause a dryer not to spin. These include:

  1. Unplugged Dryer: Ensure your dryer is plugged in and the outlet is functioning correctly.
  2. Circuit Breaker Issues: Check for tripped circuit breakers and reset them.
  3. Tripped Thermal Fuse: Inspect the thermal fuse and reset or replace it if needed.
  4. Faulty Door Switch: Examine the door switch and consider replacing it if it’s not functioning correctly.
  5. Mechanical Issues: This can include a broken drive belt, worn drum rollers, worn roller axles, or a worn drum bearing.
  6. Electrical Issues: A defective motor can prevent the dryer from spinning.

How do you reset a spin dryer?

Spin dryers typically don’t have a reset button like some other appliances. If your spin dryer isn’t working, it’s best to check the power source, ensure the unit is properly plugged in, and examine the timer and other components for any visible issues. If the problem persists, consult the manufacturer’s manual or contact their customer support for specific troubleshooting steps.

How do I know if my dryer belt is broken?

To check if your dryer belt is broken, you’ll need to:

  1. Disconnect the Power: Ensure the dryer is unplugged to avoid accidents.
  2. Access the Belt: Open the dryer’s cabinet, usually accessed from the rear or front, to gain access to the belt.
  3. Inspect the Belt: Look at the belt that wraps around the drum. If it’s broken, it will be visibly separated, loose, or damaged.
  4. Replacement: If you find the belt is broken or damaged, purchase a suitable replacement belt for your dryer model and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

How much does it cost to fix a dryer that won’t spin?

The cost of fixing a dryer that won’t spin can vary depending on the issue. Simple fixes like reseating a plug or resetting a circuit breaker may not cost anything. However, more complex problems like a faulty motor, which might require professional repair, can cost significantly more. Replacement parts, labor, and the service call fee from a technician can all contribute to the cost. It’s best to get a quote from a professional technician to determine the exact cost for your specific situation.

Will unplugging dryer reset it?

Unplugging your dryer may reset some issues caused by electrical glitches. However, it won’t fix mechanical problems like a broken drive belt, worn drum rollers, or a defective motor. If your dryer isn’t spinning, you can try unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in to see if it resolves the issue. If not, you should proceed with further troubleshooting and potentially seek professional assistance.

Where is the dryer reset button?

Dryers typically don’t have a dedicated “reset” button like some other appliances. If you suspect a problem with your dryer, start by checking the power source, the circuit breakers, and the components mentioned in this article. If you’re unable to identify or fix the issue, consult the manufacturer’s manual or contact their customer support for guidance on troubleshooting and potential reset procedures specific to your dryer model.


In this article, we’ve explored the common reasons why your dryer not spinning and provided solutions to address these issues. Whether it’s a simple matter of a tripped circuit or a more complex problem like a defective motor, you now have the knowledge to troubleshoot and repair your dryer.

Remember, safety is paramount when dealing with appliance repair. For more complex issues, or if you’re unsure about any step, it’s advisable to seek professional help. Proper maintenance and timely repairs will ensure your dryer serves you well for years to come.

By addressing these issues, you can look forward to hassle-free laundry days and the satisfaction of tackling dryer problems head-on.

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